What people are saying

These are FANTASTIC.

You're a genius.

- Freddie W, The Wagon

I just can't thank you and your eagle-eyes enough, this is perfect, just what I needed! I reckon my external examiner will be a stickler for this and it really helps give credibility to the work if the important details have been attended to.

- Jane P, Doctoral Student, Tavistock Institute

The team was very happy with your extremely thorough and detailed work and I think it really made a difference to our final product. 

- Ben W, IMC Worldwide

Charlotte was incredibly helpful with my doctoral thesis. She edited it for style and grammar, identifying areas for development and making perceptive suggestions for improvements. Charlotte also edited the references and bibliography. The most helpful part of the service was the sensitive and carefully prepared phonecall feedback session. Charlotte made suggestions in a considered and thoughtful way, with a good knowledge and understanding of academic methodologies and ontologies. Thank you for everything Charlotte!

- Hannah F, Doctoral Student, Tavistock Institute

Charlotte's help was invaluable in drawing out ideas that I didn't know I had, as well as helping me to clarify my existing thoughts. Though I was studying at a top university, Charlotte's guidance and advice was better than most of my teachers'. Throughout, communication with Charlotte's was fast, easy and smooth. Reassuring without being patronising, direct without being harsh, her approach made the whole process more enjoyable, and brought out the very best in my writing.

- Flossie W, Post Graduate Student, Cambridge

While more than competently providing valuable input on style and consistency across the document, Charlotte was able to make several genuinely insightful amendments to improve flow of story and clarity of messaging. She was a proactive editor, working iteratively with me, providing detailed responses to my questions and comments, and was able to provide alternatives and compromise, rather than just a black box of editing. 

- Adam P, Management Consultant

I had to write and deliver a speech for the CEO's leaving occasion at work, it was for a farewell after ten years service so the stakes were pretty high. Charlotte was committed to helping me get it right despite my worries and cold feet in the run up. She helped me with the speech development throughout when the timing was right for me, she was there. She quickly sees the funny side of situations and helped me inject just the right level of humour, which the audience loved. I couldn't have found those wonderful and appropriate jokes myself but she coached me to make them my own and they fit so naturally I totally nailed the speech and got brilliant feedback afterwards.

- Vanessa H, EA to CEO

Wow you are AMAZING! Thank you. I can only imagine the challenge in understanding what was going on in all the chapters – even I don't. I cannot emphasis how much peace of mind it has given me to know someone has given it such a great check and improvement. 


Once again I cannot thank you enough for amazing, fast, efficient help. I really do feel so much more at ease knowing another pair of eyes has been over the key parts, and as I said, given some great tips for my future writing in general.

- Helen G, Zoology PhD student, UCL

As an outsourced copy-editor and proofreader, Charlotte is flexible, thorough and asks important questions. I can confidently hand company reports, whitepapers and other outputs to Charlotte in the knowledge they will come back clean. 

- Anna S, Open Data Institute

Charlotte gave me incredibly insightful and thoughtful notes and was also just lots of fun to chat with about writing in general. Highly recommend!

- Heidi R, Writer and Comedian

Thank you so much, I am elated. The level of detail you have gone into is so helpful. You've clearly gone above and beyond and are brilliant at your job.

- Lucy F, Doctoral Student, Tavistock Institute

I'm three or four chapters into making edits and wanted to say a particular thank you for your notes. They're absolutely what I'd hoped for in tone and depth. Plus, I'm thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of everything from literary criticism to the pop songs of Madonna.

- Ed B, Writer, Composer, Songwriter and Teacher